08 July 2014

TALES OF HONOR comic series

The Honorverse series by David Weber is one of the better science fiction space opera series out there, and it has recently taken an exciting leap forward with the release of an excellent comic format version by Evergreen StudiosThere's a game as well and apparently a movie on the way too. Very cool.

The first story arc (five issues) tells the story as told in the first novel of the Honorverse series On Basilisk Station where Honor ends up having to go way beyond to prove herself as the new Captain of HMS Fearless

There's great action and the cutting-edge artwork depicts this in an awesome fashion. The text is generally faithful to the novel and makes this an excellent addition to the Honorverse canon of works. 

Check out the website and where to buy the comics HERE.


  1. Vol 1-3 cbr

    1. Vol 4 added to collection.
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