23 July 2013

Which sci-fi book you would give to a first-time SF reader?

It only takes one great science fiction or fantasy book to get someone hooked. If it's the right book, that is. When you're faced with someone who likes to read but hasn't delved much into science fiction or fantasy, what the "gateway drug" book you offer him or her? What's the best book for a newbie SF reader?

The book that turned me on to science fiction (other than a few issues of Analog magazine when I was younger) was Dune by Frank Herbert, and another book that I've successfully suggested to first time SF readers is John Scalzi's more recent and excellent Old Man's War. This is a fantastic book for new and seasoned SF readers alike and one that I will no doubt recommend again. It's got likeable characters, action, space travel, aliens and even a good dose of humor. Great stuff.

But I guess there is an endless list of great books that could fit the bill. Click HERE to follow the discussion over at io9.com.

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