06 July 2013

BOOK: Stuka Pilot by Hans-Ulrich Rudel

Hans Ulrich Rudel was a Stuka dive-bomber pilot during World War 2. The most highly decorated Gverman serviceman of the war, Rudel was one of only 27 military men to be awarded the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds.

Rudel flew 2,530 combat missions claiming a total of 2,000 targets destroyed, including 800 vehicles, 519 tanks, 150 artillery pieces, a destroyer, two cruisers, one battleship, 70 landing craft, 4 armored trains, several bridges and nine aircraft which he shot down.

Relentlessly driven to the of point obsession, Rudel's combat record is a testimony to the determination of Germany's elite aviators. Fearless, courageous Rudel accomplishes what seems to be beyond what is humanly possible. He is, without question, one of the greatest aviators of the Second World War.
"What a rip snorter of a read. This book is pure action and puts you right in the cockpit with the author, kicking the rudder bar, watching the tanks burn and dodging the flak. This memoir reads like the author is sitting in a pub telling his story while sharing a drink with you."

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