09 April 2013

BOOK REVIEW: Engineman - Eric Brown

EnginemanEngineman by Eric Brown
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I haven't read a book by Eric Brown that I haven't enjoyed and this was another example. It seemed to start off a little slowly initially, but ramped up sufficiently to a nice pace that wasn't overly fast, either, but comfortable. The ending came on a little too fast, though, and I seem to remember feeling like this about Penumbra, another of Brown's books. The story was also slightly light on action, for me. Still good, but a bit more would've earned it another point.

The guts of the story is really good, although I never really felt that I 'got' the concept of the Engineman's mind pushing the ships through the void of the Nada-continuum. However, it all fitted together well and came together nicely at the end. I liked how the worn-out Enginemen that we first meet finish the story having reached fulfilment and happiness. Nice.

I did like all of the characters, and reckon that this is one of Brown's strengths - believable characters. The human side to the story (as well as the alien side) was warm and touching without being too much, and I'm a reader that can be turned off by an excess of that sort of thing.

Overall a good book.

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