01 May 2016

12 Novel Adaptations That Should Get a Do-Over Reboot

Original article from io9.com

We’ve all been there: a favored book is snapped up for adaptation, with a whole lot of potential behind it: solid cast, crew, production values, etc. When it hits theaters, you walk out wishing that they’d done everything differently.

[Dune from 1984 is a classic example of this - it was complete s@#t, and is in dire need of a remake which may hopefully restore some of the honor of this classic SF novel.] --LS

It’s often said that the book is better than the movie, and there’s a long history of that being true, because the movie makers simply didn’t get what the book was about, or did any number of other things wrong.

But, the movie version of a book isn’t always inferior: just look at Blade Runner, Minority Report, Children of Men or Jurassic Park, with films that rival or even exceed their source material. It’s possible to get the book right, or to get a good version of it.

For all the complaining that people make about Hollywood not green lighting original projects, let’s face a reality: adaptations from books, reboots of old movies, and the general recycling of content will continue. With that in mind, here’s a few movies that we wish Hollywood would go back and do over again, hopefully better than before.

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