20 March 2016

BOOK TEASER: Night Without Stars by Peter F. Hamilton

Here are details for Night Without Stars which is Peter F. Hamilton's next book in his series The Chronicle of the Fallers. This two-book series is a return to Hamilton's Commonwealth Universe, set in the same time-frame as the Void Trilogy, and tells the story of Nigel Sheldon and what happened when he broke into the Void.

I was particularly impressed with the first book The Abyss Beyond Dreams, giving it a solid five stars on Goodreads (read my review HERE), thus I'm positively drooling at he thought of following the story through to it's conclusion. It's to be released later this year on September 27th, and is available for pre-order in hardcover from the usual retailers. Presumably the ebook edition will follow soon after.

In the meantime, we'll need to be content with the synopsis and a glimpse at the cover art...

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Night Without Stars (The Chronicle of the Fallers #2)
by Peter F. Hamilton

The planet is isolated from the rest of the universe, unable to seek help as it's targeted by hostile aliens. Bienvenido's ruling authorities have slowly responded to this gradual infiltration. But they have no idea that a highly organized invasion is now underway, designed to wipe out all human life on the planet. All factions must work together to survive. But due to prejudice against enhanced 'Eliter' humans, and crippling technophobia, the parochial government won't collaborate. Kysandra, known as the Warrior Angel, heads up the Eliter resistance. With their enhanced capabilities and technological know-how, they could avert disaster. But only if the authorities stop hunting them at every turn. Then, as both resistance and government are caught in a desperate race to save lives, the planet receives an unexpected visitor. As events escalate, petty power-plays, politics and age-old prejudices may prove fatal. And as the more sophisticated hostiles can hijack a human body, humanity is undermined by spies within - wearing the faces of family and friends. Death will also fall from the skies, once the full invasion begins. Desperate times call for desperate measures or humanity on Bienvenido will not survive.

Visit Peter F. Hamilton's Goodreads page HERE for information about the author and his books.

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