17 January 2016

BOOK REVIEW: The Lost Voyager by A.C. Hadfield

The Lost Voyager (Carson Mach Adventure #2)The Lost Voyager (Carson Mach Adventure #2) by A.C. Hadfield
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A mining ship goes missing… 
Its precious cargo could change the galaxy… 
Unless one man and his crew can find the lost Voyager. 

Carson Mach, a freelance rogue captain, and his crew are faced with a seemingly routine mission to find and rescue the Voyager, a missing mining ship in a remote system. Only he and his employers know what the lost ship carries in its cargo hold and the devastating consequences if it falls into the wrong hands. 

On arrival to the Noven system, the destination of the Voyager, Mach and his crew have three planets to explore, with no clues as to where the ship and its artefact might be. Their first stop reveals a terrifying new enemy has joined the search, raising the stakes considerably. 

If the new threat finds the cargo, it will place the entire galaxy in a perilous position from which it won’t recover. Mach and his crew must overcome impossible odds and defeat the new enemy if they’re to reach the Voyager and save the lives of trillions.

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A solid if rather predictable tale, more "military" sci-fi than space opera in my opinion. There's aliens, blood and guts, cool weaponry and a bit of bad language, filled with plenty of action and gritty dialogue. All good stuff. It gallops along a fair old rate as we follow our freelance mercenary crew on a job to distant planets for a hush-hush job where they discover some unexpected things. I powered through this quickly and this is because it's written in a nice style that I thought flowed very well. The story line itself is nothing all that spectacular and I found myself anticipating the plot easily during most of it. Everything ended very much like I thought it would. That said, it's an okay story, enjoyable enough to read so that I never once felt like giving up on it. But it sorely needs a twist in there somewhere, something that will come as a surprise and leave the reader wondering and surprised. Alas, it had so such twist and that was my only disappointment. This author can write pretty good, and if this book had thrown me a storyline curve ball it would be a beauty. Here's another example of quite acceptable indie science fiction that we're seeing more and more of these days. Sort of recommended, a good fun read for a holiday away, etc.

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