02 December 2014

BAST10N Science Fiction Magazine - Issue #9

BAST10N Science Fiction Magazine delivers you amazing works of the strange and fantastic on the first of every month.

Issue #9 for December 2014 is out now.

Issue #9 contents:
“Diaspora” by Daniel Rosen -- listen to the audio recording
“Koi” by Jes Rausch
“On a Frail Branch Bending” by Kaitlin McCloughan
“The Junkman” by Nicholas Stillman
“There Was a Crash” by Izmaire Todd
“Adiophoria” by William B. Squirrell
"Mr. Cicada" by Garrick Fincham

Head over to their website or over to Weightless Books to get your individual copies or subscription to this excellent new sci-fi magazine.

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