20 November 2014

New science fiction magazine

Short fiction is great, especially sci-fi short fiction. It's the best format for this genre in my humble opinion, and it's where sci-fi really got it's start in the first place, in the pulp magazines. I currently subscribe to Analog and also the relatively new Galaxy's Edge and enjoy both very much and I always get something out of reading both of these fine magazines.

Probably the newest kid on the block (in the English-speaking world anyway) is BAST10N Science Fiction Magazine. It's been around for just under a year and publishes monthly, issue number 8 being current. They claim to publish "short stories reminiscent of the golden age" which really appeals to me, and the fantastic artwork on their website supports this idea.

This from their website:

Bastion is a new science fiction magazine publishing digitally on the first of every month. Each issue will contain 7 to 9 original short stories. Our yearly anthology will be available in both digital and print formats in early December. Immediate goals for our young magazine include establishing a solid reader base so our contributors can get paid professional rates for their work. As writers ourselves, we understand the importance of getting compensated for an author's work, so we evaluate what we can offer our authors each month. Additionally, we do our best to respond meaningfully to each submission within a reasonable amount of time, since we understand how frustrating it can be to wait for weeks or months without ever hearing back. We're also working toward becoming a qualifying market for the Science Fiction Writer's Association, which we hope will help to develop our contributor's professional qualifications.

Finally, although we do what we can to focus on our contributors, our ultimate goal is to publish stories of the highest quality for our readers.

As we're in the process of expanding and developing a reader base, we'd love it if you would tell your friends about us.

Sounds pretty good to me, enough so that I've just bought Issue 8 from Weightless Books and will put that in the queue to be read soon.


  1. Hi Les! I came across your site and this very nice write-up by chance, after glancing through our traffic statistics. Hope you don't mind if I stop by. I wanted to thank you for the kind words, and for your support. I think you'll really enjoy our November issue! One quick thing: if you listen to story readings, just today we announced that each month's free featured story is going to be read, and you can stream/download from our site, or podcast it from iTunes. "Good Times" by Alexander Jones is available for listening now at www.bastionmag.com/news.
    As a way of saying 'thank you,' if you send a note to editor@bastionmag.com, I'll be more than happy to send you PDF/mobi/ePub files for any of our back issues. It's readers/fans like you who are the lifeblood of the short fiction market. Thanks again, and enjoy your weekend!

    1. Don't mind at all, thanks for stopping by and for taking the time to comment. I've sent off an email just now. Cheers.