30 June 2014

BOOK REVIEW: At the Gates of Hell (Wunderwaffen #2)

At the Gates of Hell (Wunderwaffen #2)At the Gates of Hell (Wunderwaffen #2) by Richard D. Nolane
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In the summer of 1946 the war still rages in Europe after the surprise failure of the Normandy landings. Strange, revolutionary jets nicknamed WUNDERWAFFEN now defend Germany and the Allies race to halt what has become an aerial slaughter.
Hauptmann Walter Murnau, a talented pilot and man of honour, is personally decorated by Hitler and dubbed "The Devil's Pilot", instantly becoming a propaganda icon for the Nazi regime.
Now pursued by Hitler's vengeance, Murnau faces the Soviets alongside Hans Rudel, the living legend of the Luftwaffe and Stalin's nightmare. At the controls of his WUNDERWAFFEN on the Eastern Front, the gates of hell will suddenly gape open before him...

The next installment of this WWII alternate history graphic novel series is another action-packed affair that follows directly after "The Devil's Pilot" and the events take a more sinister turn. We learn of a new aspect of our main character Walter Murnau and see a glimpse of the direction that events will follow. A bit more is seen of the infamous Adolf Hitler in this one, and here the Führer is a little different to what we commonly accept due to having survived an assassination attempt that has left him disfigured and minus an arm (remember it's alternate history) and he's even more determined to see his 'solutions' implemented. It's packed with more aerial action, combat and dubious characters along with the many interesting aircraft (the 'Wunderwaffen') which are central to the story. The full-colour artwork is fantastic.

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Focke-Wulf Ta 183
Image courtesy of Luft '46

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