05 April 2014

Tranz Alpine Scooter Safari 2014

For those of you who don't know about it, the Tranz Alpine Scooter Safari is on again this year (May 24th) down here on New Zealand's South Island, and again I'm helping to run things on the day.

The Scooter Safari is not a race – it’s an awareness-raising and fundraising event for the survivors, families of those with cancer and those committed to making a difference. In raising awareness and also funds for the Cancer Society of New Zealand, we'll help them continue their amazing work making sure those people living with cancer, their family, friends and colleagues as well as the health professionals that support them get access to information and support, from the moment of diagnosis right through to treatment and recovery.

In 2012 a staggering $245,000 was raised. It will be interesting to see if that can be topped.

Check out the website at the following link to learn more about the event and also ways that you can help.

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