01 December 2013

FREE EBOOK: The Last Legends of Earth by A. A. Attanasio

The Phoenix Pick free ebook for December is A. A. Attanasio’s The Last Legends of Earth. The book is one of the few rated a full 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon and it was critically acclaimed by nearly every critic who reviewed it.

Seven billion years from now, long after the Sun has died and human life itself has become extinct, alien beings reincarnate humanity from our fossilized DNA drifting as debris in the void of deep space. We are reborn to serve as bait in a battle to the death between the Rimstalker, humankind’s reanimator, and the zotl, horrific creatures who feed vampire-like on the suffering of intelligent lifeforms.The reborn children of Earth are told: “You owe no debt to the being that roused you to this second life. Neither must you expect it to guide you or benefit you in any way.” Yet humans choose sides, as humans will, participating in the titanic struggle between Rimstalker and zotl in ways strange and momentous.

The coupon code for December is 9991563 and will be good through to the end of December.

As usual, please to to www.PPickings.com to access the book.

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