23 October 2013

BOOK REVIEW: Fatal Boarding by E.R. Mason

Fatal BoardingFatal Boarding by E.R. Mason
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“I have never believed in going strictly by the book. My six-foot-two frame has an assortment of scars and marks that readily attest to that. It’s the main reason I’ve never been offered a higher position on a big-draft. But, when things really go to hell, I’m always the first one to get the call. They trust me with their lives, but not their jobs.” -- Adrian Tarn, Chief Security Officer, Starship Electra

Another of those surprises that comes along one in a while and a book that gave me a lot of enjoyment. I received an email from a friend about this book which is a free giveaway at Smashwords. He reckoned it was pretty good, so I decided to have a look. It turns out he was right.
In this great story, the faster than light starship Electra encounters a derelict alien vessel floating inert while cruising on a regular charting tour of space. It's told first-person from the perspective of Adrian Tarn who is the senior security officer aboard the ship. The ship stops to check out the dead vessel and what awaits them on there creates some problems that they were not prepared for. A struggle ensues to survive aboard the ship and overcome the alien menace that has got them by the balls.
The story moves along at a good pace, just right in fact and I found myself really looking forward to my reading time while in this book. Not every book does that. I liked the characters and could really relate to Adrian's viewpoint on many things. We're treated to his philosophical views of life and people and various situations which are interesting and frequently amusing. There's enough action to keep me interested and the conclusion is satisfying.
I'd have given it five stars had it not been for a large number of typographical errors (albeit minor ones, spelling mistakes, etc.) that did start to bug me after a while. Overall a really good book that I think most sci-fi fans would enjoy.

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