12 May 2013

BOOK REVIEW: The Serene Invasion by Eric Brown

The Serene InvasionThe Serene Invasion by Eric Brown
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Serene are an alien race. The Earth in 2025 is an ailing world, and the Serene an end to poverty and violence - but not everyone supports the seemingly benign invasion. There are forces out there who wish to return to the bad old days, and will stop at nothing to oppose the Serene.It's 2025 and the world is riven by war, terrorist attacks, poverty and increasingly desperate demands for water, oil, and natural resources. The West and China confront each other over an inseperable ideological divide, each desperate to sustain their future. And then the Serene arrive, enigmatic aliens form Delta Pavonis V, and nothing will ever be the same again.

The best science fiction I've read so far this year.
Here we have a great story about humanity being saved from our destructive ways by a race of benevolent extraterrestrials called the Serene. Also, they must fight off a competing group of aliens who seek to stop them and impose their own will on the human race. This enemy is being assisted by factions of humanity who resent the Serene and what they've done. They see it as taking away our free will and replacing it with their own oppressive agenda.
What we end up with is a very good story chock full of incredible characters who are believable and likeable. The action is good and often enough to keep readers like me happy.
In fact, this story has a similar concept to Brown's earlier book Kethani which I also enjoyed very much. This story is much grander in scale, however, and has good space opera elements that I loved.
Once again, Eric Brown fails to disappoint.

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