13 February 2013

Ownshelf - ebook sharing site

Now I like the look of this!

Ownshelf is a cloud based solution to save and share ebook files across devices. Friends can browse each other’s shelves, and borrow one another’s books. Just like the bookshelf in your home, it is a way to show off and share your taste in books online. It is a friend to friend way to discover and read great books.

At this stage you need a Facebook account to log in, and the site is still in the development phase but so far it's looking really good.

The world sorely needs this sort of thing - easy online sharing of books between friends like we do at home with our actual physical bookshelves. Some publishers and retailers (book Nazis) are doing their best to tie up the ebook market and kill the sharing of books. This will help stop that unnecessary control.

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