19 November 2012

More TUeBL

I've posted about this excellent website before but am compelled to do so again...

TUeBL - The Ultimate eBook Library.

These people do good work - making books available in .epub format to whoever has the need or desire.

To quote the website administrator on their Facebook page:

I operate TUEBL because it provides a service that I am morally compelled to offer. Think of it as a blend of tithing and missionary. I enable people to share culture and knowledge around the world, and for others to be able to receive that knowledge and culture.
We get users who email us from Kenya, South Africa, Columbia, and other places that don't have affordable access to books and praise us for what we do for them. You can look through the posts on our walls and see all the students and mothers and avid readers who are able to read more books because of TUEBL.
Users of TUEBL are not the ones killing the publishing industry. I know that most of you spend more money on books than most other people. Sure some of you don't, but the number of you who don't buy books anymore and also can afford to buy more books are in the minority.

Sharing books lets us share culture, and that allows us to make to world a richer place. A better place.

The world has too much hate already. Share the love of books and help TUeBL to go some way to achieving this noble goal.

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