22 October 2012

Book Review: Whip - Martin Caidin

What: Whip
Who: Martin Caidin
When: Published March 15, 1976

Air Force Captain Whip Russel leads his B-25 bomber group, in the summer of 1942, on a special mission that changes the direction and decisions of war in the Pacific.
WHIP breathes will all the action and pace and accuracy that made THE LAST DOGFIGHT such a tremendous success. He tells this tale of the men and machines that made war in the air with undiminished vividness, but with a new sense of the tremendous personal price these modern gladiators - even the victors - had to pay.
MARTIN CAIDIN is the versatile and prolific author of MAROONED and CYBORG (THE SIX-MILLION DOLLAR MAN).

This one is a story about a US Air Force B-25 bomber pilot who leads a squadron in Northern Australia and New Guinea during World War Two. They embark on special missions against the Japanese with their modified aircraft and, as you guessed it, achieve spectacular results.

It's a good read. I first read Whip over 20 years ago after picking it up cheap at a second hand book store. I've reread it a few more times and thoroughly enjoyed each time. If you like a good action-packed war story where the good guys win then you'll love this.

Fiction like this is a bit predictable in many ways, but it's designed to be entertaining and that's where it succeeds very well. It'd make a great movie!


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