29 August 2012

Heretics - MORE great space opera

What: Heretics - Apotheoisis Book 2
Who: S. Andrew Swann
When: Published Feb 2010

The second book in the Apotheoisis Trilogy following Prophets.

Adam, an AI creation of an alien race, prepares to launch a conquest that has been centuries in the making, and if he succeeds he will rule over all humankind-over all sentient life-forms-as a God.

Excellent follow-up to Prophets. By the end of this book I feel like I know the characters now and can see a hint of where the story is going. The action is really hotting up too which is good. I'm now straight into Messiah to see how this great series concludes.

Click on the book cover to find out more at Goodreads.


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