23 July 2012

Prophets - great space opera

What: Prophets - Apotheoisis Book 1
Who: S. Andrew Swann
When: Published March 3rd 2009 

It's been nearly 200 years since the collapse of the Confederacy, the last government to claim humanity's colonies. So when signals come in revealing lost human colonies that could shift the power balance, the race is on between the Caliphate ships and a small team of scientists and mercenaries. But what awaits them all is a threat far beyond the scope of any human government.

This is an excellent book. This is the first book by this author for me. I picked it up because of how highly recommended he is. I can see why after reading this!
Plenty of action, good characters and a good plot with some great twists and turns. There's humans, aliens, advanced AI things and all of the good stuff. It's got all of the elements that I like in a good space opera. Like some other reviewers have said, it felt similar reading to Peter F. Hamilton's Nights Dawn trilogy - only shorter. Which, I will add, is not a bad thing. The right length to fit it all in without being too long (my only real complaint with some of PFH's novels).
Anyway, I've launched straight into the second book of the trilogy (Heretics) because I couldn't wait and am looking forward to continuing with this great story.
Well worth the time reading. There was nothing that I didn't like. Highly recommended.

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