10 June 2012

Book Preview: Redshirts

What: Redshirts
Who: John Scalzi
When: Published June 2012

Update#1: 14Jun2012 - Still waiting patiently for the book to arrive and resisting the temptation to start the ebook...

Update#2: 20Jun2012 - The book still hasn't turned up. Been two weeks now. Might have to follow it up. Getting impatient.

Update#3: 22Jun2012 - It arrived by courier this morning. Into it.

Update#4: 24Jun2012 - Read it. Flat out. No mucking around. Mmm. Read the review above for more...

I've ordered this book via a local online retailer and hope to have it in my hot little hands sometime later this week. Can't wait. I love Scalzi's work. Check out the Amazon page for more details.

What has amused me about this one is that it's not supposed to be available as an ebook until November 15. That said, however, I've found both the epub and mobi versions being p2p shared via Demonoid (and doubtless other torrent sharing sites as well).

And YES I have obtained these files for my ebook library. I figured that I have actually paid for it, ie. relax, I'm not stealing anything (today...)

Once I've read it I'll post a review here, and maybe on Goodreads as well. Stay tuned.

BTW I'll probably read the 'old skool' paper version to be nostaligic.

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